How Do I Choose The Best Wordpress Membership Plugin For My Business?

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How Do I Choose The Best WordPress Membership Plugin For My Business?


One of the decisions you have to make as you grow in your online business, not too far after you have made your initial sales online I might add (that first online sale is always a magic moment) and when you have created your own info-product (typically an eBook, video series, audio programme etc – digital downloads) is ‘How do I create a secure membership site to deliver my premium offerings and which is the best WordPress membership plugin for what I want to deliver?’

There are multiple products out there that you could you could use and they tend to largely be split into 3 different categories, which we will look at in more detail:

  1. Light Plugin – I call them these because they are plugins that you add to your WordPress self-hosted website; you install via the ‘upload plugin’ function, like you would any other premium plugin. You buy the plugin for around $47 (WP File Lock for example). These are very simple to use and deliver the following benefits:
  • Create a secure page/area or download file to prevent people from sharing or your ‘thank you’ page with their friends or hacking into it and accessing your premium content for free.
  • It will ‘talk’ to your payment processor – like ClickBank or PayPal and integrate the sale made through them via the customer’s e-mail address with giving your new buyer a personalised user name and password to access their download.
  • It’s cheap and simple to set up.

These light membership plugins are generally useful only if you have a single download page for something like an e-book or one MP3 audio file. If you are looking to set up a full-blown membership area, where new content is drip fed over time and there are many different files and levels of membership – e.g. bronze, silver and gold at differing prices, then you’re likely to want to consider either a self-hosted piece of membership software or a hosted one.

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